WaterBaton™ Ready to Reinvent On-Course Hydration for Competitive Races

Startup launches $10,000 Indiegogo campaign to crowdsource relay-style hydration container for faster, more efficient distribution of liquids to athletes during races.

Worcester, MA, November 16, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Start-up WaterBaton™ launched its Indiegogo campaign (www.Indiegogo.com/Projects/Water-Baton) to crowdsource $10,000 in funding for its one-of-a-kind, grab-and-go hydration tube that helps athletes take in liquids more effectively during races and speed through water stops. WaterBaton™ also eases the burden on race organizers and volunteers by providing a fast, easy way to supply hydration to runners along the course. Sponsors can advertise directly to athletes via a label on the WaterBaton™. And athletes can keep WaterBaton™ as a memento of their achievements.

WaterBaton™, the invention of avid runner, running club member and frequent race volunteer Hicham Maalouf, solves the hydration problems that millions of athletes and race organizers face during the tens of thousands of races (running, biking, swimming, triathlons, etc.) held each year in the U.S. alone.

“Hydration is a great concern to many athletes – it’s a constant trade-off between satisfying thirst and watching seconds added to the clock,” Maalouf says. “WaterBaton™ makes the on-course hydration process more efficient by enabling proper water intake without sacrificing speed.”

For runners, water stops present challenges because cups are awkward to drink from, liquid splashes all over them, and the lines get congested. Precious seconds can be lost as athletes fumble for hydration. For race organizers, the water stop is equally challenging because volunteers must ensure water cups are filled just right for the scores of competitors passing by and frequently are soaked by tossed cups. Sponsors always are looking for opportunities to get their brand in front of athletes.

In the format of a relay baton, WaterBaton™ is a light, recyclable beverage container with an easy grip that enables athletes to grab and go enough liquid – approximately 4 fluid ounces -- to quench their thirst. Made of PP plastic, the container is BPA-free and can easily be re-used. WaterBaton™ can be comfortably held or secured in an athlete’s waistband, running belt, armband.

The Indiegogo campaign goal of $10,000 will be used to manufacture, design, package, distribute and market/advertise the WaterBaton™. The campaign must reach 75% of its goal – the amount needed for molds and manufacturing – to proceed.

“We know that on-course hydration is a challenge. WaterBaton™ solves it!” Maalouf says.www.indiegogo.com/projects/water-baton
Water Baton
Hicham Maalouf