"The Snow Kingdom: Sasha Goes To College" by D. L. Fox is Now Available on Amazon

The second book of "The Snow Kingdom" series, "The Snow Kingdom: Sasha Goes To College" continues to follow Sasha's adventures after she ends up on a college campus.

Charlotte, NC, November 20, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Wily Fox Publishing, LLC is pleased to announce the second children's book, "The Snow Kingdom: Sasha Goes To College," written by D. L. Fox, is now available for purchase at Amazon.com.

In this first book of D.L. Fox's "The Snow Kingdom" series, we find the heroine, Sasha, a beautiful white Siberian Husky puppy, and her brothers being auctioned off to new masters at the family farm. Unfortunately, Sasha is sold to "Grubby," an abusive and neglectful owner.

In the second book of the series, Sasha, having escaped from Grubby's house, finds herself on a college campus. There, Sasha meets another stray dog, named "Duke," who has become a mascot of sorts. Duke gives Sasha a "human education" and teaches her how to survive in a very funny and endearing way.

"The Snow Kingdom: Sasha Goes To College," has more than 20 beautiful interior illustrations, by Cait Maloney, compelling characters, witty dialogue, and an extremely well-crafted story to keep your child interested and engaged.
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D. L. Fox