The Biking Trend Kicks in to High Gear

Trends-spotters are seeing an influx in bicycle-related ideas.

New York, NY, November 20, 2013 --( is seeing a huge number of bicycle-related trends. Statistics show younger people are forgoing the opportunity to drive, which means the bike is soaring in popularity. This is especially true in cities, and that has innovators looking for ways to capitalize on the trend.

“The bicycle is in the midst of a resurgence,” says a website spokesperson. “More awareness about exercise and green technology are encouraging an increasing number of people to pedal their way around.”

As bicycles become more main stream, is seeing an influx of ideas and devices to add utility to bicycle ownership. This includes bike pedals that convert in to wheel locks and energy collectors that help charge smart phones. There is also a system that has been designed to store energy generated while pedaling on flat ground to make uphill biking that much easier.

The idea of the bicycle is also being reinvented. In the last few months, has noted prototypes for a hovering bicycle, a floating raft that is bike-powered, and the Flintstones-style pedal-less two-wheeler. There have also been several ideas incorporating gyroscope technology originally used on the Segway. That includes a training bicycle that shifts weight to render training wheels useless and a unicycle which operates under the same principles.

“The bicycle trend is an example of how a trend can fuel new ideas,” a spokesperson said. “A trend is growing, and in response, creative people are working to capitalize on its growth. That only fuels the trend further.”

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