Krystal™ Writing Boards Now Offer Dry Erase Glass Board Products for Medical Environments

Holbrook, NY, November 20, 2013 --( New York specialists for expertly-manufactured presentation tools, Krystal™ Writing Boards, Inc. have announced that they’re now offering their clear glass dry erase glass board products to companies within the medical community. The firm’s latest glass boards are designed to enhance the readability of presentation slides and ensure that those in the medical setting achieve a professional solution for their in-house boardroom and presentation area environments.

Within a medical environment, it’s essential for patient information to be communicated directly with a team of specialists within a consolidated timeframe. This information is often complex and therefore, the data outlined within the presentation must be placed on a presentation system designed to reduce eye strain offer seamless audience communication within a range of presentation environment. Such benefits are the leading reason why many medical firms are now integrating products such as the latest dry erase glass board systems from the team at Krystal™ Writing Boards, Inc.

The Krystal™ Writing Boards Inc. team has built their latest dry erase glass writing board systems to offer comprehensive readability and reduced eye-strain for those hours-long medical presentations in which professionals must focus intently on the data being presented. One of the reasons so many specialists within the medical community are now integrating such products in their office or boardroom areas is that Krystal™ Writing Boards’ products are manufactured utilizing tempered glass that will not stain or ghost etch during use. This ensures that there’s no room for error in communicating complex medical information between large numbers of people in a busy hospital environment.

Krystal™ Writing Boards products also represent the ideal tool for hospitals to cement their brand within the field, as clients can work with the company to add logos and other organizational information to the boards. This ensures a professional, practical presentation solution that will drive team-based performance in the facility for the long-term.

To discover more about the full range of presentation board systems now available through the team at Krystal™ Writing Boards, Inc. please contact the company directly today or visit their business website at
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