NYC-Based Security Camera Installation Specialists 360 Protection Install Covert Video Surveillance Systems for Local Firms

New York, NY, November 20, 2013 --( Local NYC specialists for specialty security camera installation work, 360 Protection have announced that they’re now offering business clients across the local community access to covert and infrared camera solutions. The company’s new services are designed to enhance the ability of business owners to protect their buildings through the use of hidden surveillance systems that are harder for intruders to detect.

By working with industry-leading surveillance specialists and utilizing cutting-edge technology to protect their companies, New York firms can remain on the front foot against modern security threats. Common commercial threats including data theft, after-hours unauthorized employee entry and break-ins can not only have a lasting impact on the company’s reputation in the local area, but also affect on-going costs such as insurance. And so many firms are now looking to access the services of surveillance specialists who can stop security threats in their tracks. It’s for this reason clients are now turning to the solutions offered by 360 Protection.

360 Protection offers a full suite of security camera installation services to their clients across NYC and the Tri-State area. The company’s expert team has a comprehensive understanding of the latest technology, and they harness this expertise to seamless install products such as night vision cameras and covert camera systems. The 360 Protection team can hide covert surveillance technology within common items such as smoke detectors and mirrors in order to prevent detection by potential assailants. They can also utilize their understanding of wiring to ensure that systems are set-up for remote viewing from a faraway location, thereby ensuring that business owners are fully aware of all incidents taking place in their property. One of the great advantages of such covert products is that they can provide businesses with complete safety, without the threatening appearance of a facility covered in security cameras. It’s the requisite service for today’s image-conscious brand and it’s now available through 360 Protection.

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Stav Kimchy