SysFera-DS Version 4.0 for HPC Management Improves Remote Visualization and Extends Cloud Support

SysFera announces version 4.0 of its SysFera-DS software solution that improves remote visualization, adds cloud support and tailors statistics and reporting tools to further simplify management of high performance computing resources.

Denver, CO, November 20, 2013 --( New SysFera-DS software solution tailors statistics and reporting tools for real-time analysis, billing, and client quota management

SysFera has announced version 4.0 of its SysFera-DS software solution that further simplifies high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure management and remote application usage. SysFera-DS is an innovative software solution for federating and managing hybrid HPC environments, from clusters to clouds. This latest version adds an improved remote-visualization module and extended support for cloud computing, as well as detailed statistics and reporting tools that manage billing to customers and business units.

SysFera-DS 4.0 will be available for viewing in the SysFera Booth #2417 duringSupercomputing Conference 2013, this week in Denver, Colo. In addition, SysFera and CINES (French National Computing Center for Higher Education) will jointly host a customer feedback session on Wednesday, Nov. 20. CINES has already deployed SysFera-DS version 4.0 and its users are experiencing simplified application management and improved access to their visualization clusters.

SysFera-DS offers an intuitive web interface to run and visualize applications (batch or graphical), manage distributed big data, and monitor resource usage. When computing jobs are submitted, it uses load balancing and usage information from cloud orchestrators and batch schedulers to select the best resource from those available. Engineers are able to focus on their core expertise and be more efficient, and IT administrators can better control the costs and usage of their computing resources.

SysFera-DS version 4.0 features:

An improved remote-visualization module that can adapt to the end-user's bandwidth and latency, and also offers collaboration between users.

Extended support for the OpenStack cloud computing platform, the OpenNebula public/private clouds, or the Amazon EC2 platform.

Advanced statistics and reporting tools with data exploration capabilities that enable billing customers and business units depending on resources or applications usage.

A quota-management tool that makes it possible to assign an amount of computation hours to HPC projects.

A brand new design for an even greater and simplified user experience.

“SysFera-DS improves the use and management of system resources non-intrusively, eliminating the need for administrator rights and specific security policies,” said David Loureiro, founder and CEO of SysFera. “Detailed support for statistics and advanced reporting capabilities for more efficient billing, along with SysFera’s technical expertise in heterogeneous clusters and clouds mean that SysFera-DS version 4.0 delivers an improved, more simplified user experience.”

SysFera-DS offers the following features:

User-friendly web interface to enable user collaboration from remote sites, single sign-on technology that results in less time and energy wasted and that makes computing resources easy to use, from clusters (regardless of the batch scheduler) to clouds.

Remote access to native applications that makes graphical applications available to users with a few clicks from the portal and requires no local software installation. Several collaborators can view or interact with the same application simultaneously. Regarding batch applications, they can be set up in a few clicks, for increased productivity.

Management of distributed data to support data storage in the customer’s infrastructure or in the cloud. Files can be transferred, edited or shared from anywhere, and big data transfers (resulting from pre-processing, processing, post-processing) between clusters can be managed in a few clicks.

Statistics and advanced reporting to monitor resource consumption, integrating usage into an easy-to-use billing system.

In addition to CINES, SysFera has deployed its solution on several Frenchcomputing centers and continues deployment on other regional, national and international computing centers. These companies also use

EDF—one of the world's energy leaders and SysFera’s historical customer

CNRS—on the bioinformatics cloud platform "E-biothon"

IRT BioAster—a cluster of large companies including Danone, Sanofi, and Pasteur

Research institutes—CNRS, Inria, and Institut Pasteur

A hybrid-cloud (HPC+Cloud) computing platform startup dedicated to industrial research on infectious diseases

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