Soft4Boost Releases "Design Your Own" Disc Label Software

Soft4Boost has released Disc Cover Studio which provides users with the ability to design, edit and save their own unique customized labels for optical disks.

New York, NY, November 21, 2013 --( Soft4Boost, a group of highly trained programmers, have released the ultimate optical disk labeling software for customizing labels for your CD, DVD and Blu Ray collection as well as data disks. Disc Cover Studio comes with a template library and editing tools to allow users to base their label designs on their own images. An intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) puts the user in full control of customizing their optical disk collection.

How Soft4Boost Disc Cover Studio Works
Soft4Boost Disc Cover Studio provides users with a powerful tool suite for designing their own optical disk labels. Users can create labels based on a comprehensive template library or can design and create their own unique designs for use on CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray disks, VCD and data disks. An easy-to-use GUI guides users through the label design process to create vibrant and fully personalized optical disks labels.

Soft4Boost Disc Cover Studio Key Features
Soft4Boost Disc Cover Studio provides a powerful design and editing suite of tools for creating labels for a wide range of optical disks, e.g. DVDs and CDs. Users can design labels based on ready-to-use templates or use their own images to produce unique labels. Users can create labels for different sized disks in a variety of design formats, including text, photographic images and employing a range of special effects and color tints.

Soft4Boost Disc Cover Studio key features include:

Powerful design and editing tools: provide fully customizable label design in an easy-to-use software package which requires no previous experience or specialist knowledge;
Comprehensive template library: provides a readymade set of templates for fast label production with customizable features, including adding text, multiple font types and special effects;
Full label customization: users can quickly and easily create unique labels using their own images for the ultimate in custom label design;
Variable label sizes: Soft4Boost Disc Cover Studio will create labels for different sized optical disks including CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, VCD and optical storage disks;
Multiple language support: all major European languages are supported including English, German, French, Danish, Hungarian, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Turkish.

Soft4Boost Disc Cover Studio is available as a free download from the Soft4Boost website and is easily installed. No previous experience or specialist expertise is required and Disc Cover Studio is fully compatible with the Soft4Boost range of software products.
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