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“New Disability” Website Launched at

A website dedicated to innovations for the disabled community is announced. The website, New Disability ( is a platform to advance the commercialization of innovative disability products.

Zurich, Switzerland, January 09, 2006 --( Med Services Europe announced the launch of “New Disability” ( a website dedicated to products for the disabled community. According to Dr. Gene Emmer, President of Med Services Europe, the goal of New Disability is to be a platform to advance the commercialization of assistive technology.

“We want ‘New Disability’ to be a meeting place where members of the disabled community can discuss product needs and opportunities” Explained Dr. Emmer. “One of the central parts of the website will be a discussion forum where everyone interested in the topic of products for the disabled will be invited to participate. We hope that by offering an open forum where people can share ideas and suggestions, we can facilitate the progress of the industry. For example, if someone has a suggestion for an exciting product for the disabled community, Med Services Europe can help them to bring it to the market. There will also be the opportunity for people who have had a problem with a disability product to leave a comment. The website administration will then follow up and, where appropriate, will take contact with the product’s manufacturer.”

About Med Services Europe:
Med Services Europe GmbH is based in Zurich and specializes in Sales, Marketing and Business Development for the Medical industry. Med Services Europe helps manufacturers to build sales of their products. We are the European representative for Colours Wheelchairs, a US manufacturer of ultra lightweight wheelchairs Manufacturers, distributors and retailers of disability products are encouraged to contact Med Services Europe. Send us an email and tell us about your needs. For more information: Telephone: +41764249963

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