Veriforce Provides Elite Evaluator Program

Veriforce, a leader in providing regulatory compliance and contractor management solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry, announces a new program that raises the standards for Pipeline Evaluators.

Houston, TX, November 21, 2013 --( "In every company’s Operator Qualification (OQ) program, the Evaluator is an extremely important part of the program. Securing a skilled and qualified workforce is a priority for oil and gas companies that hire Veriforce. Currently every Evaluator must provide skill and character references. The Veriforce New Elite Evaluator Program adds control points, so that only the best become Elite Evaluators," said President of Veriforce, Louie Werderich.

The Elite Evaluator program asks Contractor companies to demonstrate an internal evaluator program to monitor, train, and communicate change with their Evaluators. Part of the assessment involves a Veriforce visit to the contractor company headquarters to meet with a designated representative and review the Evaluator monitoring program. During this audit, they also observe the skill and performance of each Evaluator seeking the Elite designation. To be recognized as an Elite company, the company must complete all corporate requirements and possess at least one Elite Evaluator.

“Being part of the Elite Program is not an easy process; however, companies that become qualified gain a competitive advantage assuring that their crews are top performers with well documented reporting and monitoring. When a company is qualified as an Elite Program, they are ensuring Operator clients that quality Evaluations are being performed.”

About Veriforce
Veriforce is a leader in regulatory compliance and contractor management solutions for energy companies. Their services include: Contractor Safety Management, Operator Qualification (OQ), Drug & Alcohol programs, Hosted Training Services (HTS), OSHA Compliance Training Services, Safety Environmental and Management Services (SEMS), Control Room Management (CRM) Training, and Designated Employer Representative (DER) Training. They are the only OQ service provider that verifies, audits, and has complete documentation for all the necessary compliance records. For more information, contact Veriforce at 1.800.426.1604 or visit them online at
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Darcus Williamson