Black Omens" Just Released and is Book Two in the Fantasy Series "Heirs of Discord"

Author, Stephen M. Prange is pleased to announce the release of the second book in his fantasy series, “Heirs of Discord” entitled, "Black Omens."

Atlanta, GA, November 21, 2013 --( Ebon envisioned being a great warrior like his father, Luc Shattar, the hero of the Battle of Halgrain and the greatest swordsman in the history of Trist. Ebon is young, highly trained in a military academy, and confident as only the young and inexperienced can be ... until the fates of war intervene to challenge him both as a warrior and a man. The old enemy, Vutra, has been threatening to take up arms, so the armies of Trist gather to defend their homeland. Ebon and his three closest friends, Caliel, Mendel, and Gabriel, excited about the coming war, feel ready to fulfill their imagined destinies. They cannot begin to conceive how their lives will be affected by unforeseen events and trials, and the roles they will play as Heirs of Discord, heirs of a war started before they were born. Caught up in events far beyond the borders of his "world," Ebon must also face shocking secrets of his heritage hidden in mysterious clues ... the greatest being the mystical prophecy known as Black Omens.

“I have always had an interest in medieval times, times of knights and sorcerers, and I had my own ideas about how magic could be possible. So, I set out to write my own book and tell a story of four friends thrust into a world ravaged by a war started before they were born,” says Prange.

Book Information:
Black Omens
Book Series: Heirs of Discord Book 2
Author: Stephen M. Prange
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
ISBN: 978-1628570847
Published: October 2013
Pages: 494
Genre: Fantasy

"Black Omens": Book 2 of “Heirs of Discord” follows events of the first book, "A Blade of Dark Ebony" (ISBN: 978-1618979452).

"A Blade of Dark Ebony" is a consuming fantasy drama set in medieval times. It tells of a young man's coming of age, love, courage, determination and destiny. Luc Shattar was perhaps the greatest swordsman in the history of the nation of Trist, yet he is also a humble man. Turning down glory, accolades and a high position at court, he moves his family from the capital city to the warrior city of Vulhalla. There he enrolls his son, Ebon, in the famous military academy that trains children from a very young age to be great warriors for their country. Luc's military exploits helped win 20 years of peace, but now war clouds are gathering on the horizon. Luc knows the horrors of war, but young Ebon and his friends anxiously await their graduation day, at which time they will join the army of Trist for what they believe will be the greatest battle in history. Ebon's name, which means darkness, was chosen because there is a dark mystery surrounding his early life. Unaware of this, Ebon lives life fully until events overtake him and his life takes sudden and twisting turns. As Ebon trains to be a great swordsman like his father, he is also confronted with the mystery of his past, which is tied to a gift from his father, "A Blade of Dark Ebony."

Book 3 of the “Heirs of Discord” fantasy book series is "White Locks" and will be released in early 2014. All books are available in print and ebook formats.

About The Author:
Stephen M. Prange was born in Illinois, raised in Australia, and now works as a tutor in Fayetteville, Georgia.

He is currently writing the 8th book of the "Heirs of Discord" series. The first 7 books have been written and are in different stages of editing. Books 1 and 2 are released, with 3 and 4 nearly finished editing and ready to be published.

Stephen M. Prange
Stephen M. Prange