Free Real Estate Classes Online Are Available at Cash Flow Depot

Cash Flow Depot, a company offering real estate investment classes online, is offering free real estate classes entitled, “Real Estate Profit Secrets” and “Twelve Step Road to Riches.” Both online seminars are free with a Cash Flow Depot membership.

Dallas, TX, November 22, 2013 --( Real estate investors are thrilled about Cash Flow Depot’s latest online promotion. The company is offering 2 free real estate classes to those who avail a Cash Flow Depot membership. These free online classes include “Real Estate Profit Secrets” by Jackie Lange and “Twelve Step Road to Riches” by Jack Miller. Both are step by step guides to learning about profitable property investing.

The first free real estate class, “Real Estate Profit Secrets,” teaches wholesale real estate based from Jackie Lange’s experiences as a real estate investor. It contains 18 audio lessons that teach property investing in an organized and systematic format. In this real estate class, Jackie shares the 4 techniques that have guided her through each deal over the years and have made her a successful entrepreneur. Real Estate Profit Secrets has received a lot of good feedback over the years.

The second free real estate class is Jack Miller’s “Twelve Step Road to Riches.” This online seminar is suitable for beginners as it teaches real estate investors how to start from scratch and build equity. It focuses on creative seller financing with the use of lease, options, and many more effective investment strategies. This free real estate class contains 24 videos and 24 audios.

“Cash Flow Depot is a place where real estate investors can learn the tricks of the trade without spending a fortune to learn them,” says Jackie Lange, Cash Flow Depot general manager and author of Real Estate Profit Secrets. “Our free real estate classes are full of comprehensive information about profitable property investing. These classes have already helped thousands of investors. You could be the next,” Jackie encourages.

The 2 real estate classes mentioned are free with a Cash Flow Depot membership. This is a 1 year membership to the website that opens the door to a vast library of training materials, weekly coaching calls, a private coaching forum, and a venue to post and find deals. With this membership, students gain 24-7 access to online real estate investor training.

Latron Thorne of Atlanta, Georgia has good words for Jackie Lange. “I can honestly say, learning from Jackie has put a lot of money in my pocket. She taught me that you don’t have to do a lot of deals, as long as the ones you do are very profitable. She showed me how to make my marketing specific enough to have sellers call me.”

Jim and Cheryl Ingersoll of Richmond, Virginia say thank you to Jackie Lange. “My phone is ringing off the hook everyday and that is a great thing. The marketing works and now I am getting lots of referrals. Thanks to Jackie I cracked the code. I am working on my 9th deal right now. I can’t believe I have this many in the past several weeks.”

2 free real estate classes entitled “Real Estate Profit Secrets” and “Twelve Step Road to Riches” are currently available with a Cash Flow Depot membership. Interested parties may visit the company’s official website or call Jackie Lange herself at 1-888-282-1882.

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Cash Flow Depot is a real estate investor training website offering a vast library of real estate courses, online seminars, books, manuals, and many more. With the tag line, “Where you don’t have to spend a fortune to learn how to make one,” Cash Flow Depot offers affordable training courses packed with quality, reliable information. The main focus of the company is teaching about risk-free investments even with no cash, credit or experience. This, along with a qualified team of instructors, is what sets Cash Flow Depot apart from other real estate investor training companies worldwide.
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