FastTrack Automation Studio Releases New Edition

MSI Edition of FastTrack Automation Studio Provides Snapshot-Free Windows Installer Creation.

Canterbury, United Kingdom, November 22, 2013 --( FastTrack Software, the emerging leader in the development of Windows scripting tools, has announced the availability of a new edition of FastTrack Automation Studio, designed specifically to give network administrators the ability to build Windows Installer files either by using the "EXE to MSI" creation button in FastTrack or by creating a custom MSI file.

FastTrack was developed for organizations looking for ways to make more efficient and effective use of network administrators' time. One of the most basic, often overlooked, means of achieving this is by automating the repetitive and mundane tasks required of a network admin through the use of scripts.

“Although the ability to build Windows Installer files has been included in FastTrack Automation Studio for some time now, FastTrack has seen growing demand for a product that offers only this functionality and has responded with the release of the MSI edition,” said Lars Pederson, chief technical officer and lead developer, FastTrack.

Using FastTrack to repackage setup programs that aren’t MSI-based avoids using unreliable before-and-after snapshots that bypass the installer logic to build deployable MSI files.

If the need is more advanced than a simple repackaging of an installer, a custom script can be written and compiles into MSI format, for example for repackaging software into a new MSI file including company license information or for repackaging multiple installations into one MSI file, preserving the sequence of installation.

“The option to build MSI installation files enables you to build your own installers based on a FastTrack script,” Pederson continued. “More importantly, if you prefer to deploy your software through group policies or Microsoft System Center, you can wrap installations that aren’t in Windows Installer format to make them distributable through these technologies.”

Related to responding to the demand for the function-specific edition of the software, an additional licensing model has been released.

“Recognizing that most Network Admins don’t want to be bothered with counting the number of machines to which they deploy an MSI package, we have created an unlimited License option,” said Annette Dow, CEO, Binary Resource, the distribution company. “At the same time, an optional and varied maintenance program/cost right is available from the initial purchase. MSI repackaging is proving to be a significant tool for the likes of TeamViewer, Avast and MalWareBytes users.”

A free, 30-day trial of the MSI edition is available at Extensive documentation and Video Tutorials are on the site. Technical Support is provided during the trial period.

FastTrack – Full Version
The full version of FastTrack offers a powerful and simple-to-use alternative to languages such as Powershell, KiXtart and VB Script. It is designed for Windows 7, 8 and XP network environments. “Under the hood,” it is a scripting language containing an unmatched 1,100+ commands. It provides the ability to create scripts using the simple wizard-driven options within its App Factory. FastTrack also offers the ability to write custom scripts in advanced mode, unleashing features such as logon scripts, software deployment, Outlook signatures, Kiosk PCs, asset inventory and backups.

About FastTrack Software
FastTrack Software, a developer of simple and powerful scripting tools for the enterprise, is headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark. Its flagship product, FastTrack Automation Studio, has been developed for the typical System/Network Administrator who has a need to write scripts in order to automate many day-to-day tasks. FastTrack is designed to simplify this process by allowing the user to write one script line in order to perform one operation. For more information, visit

FastTrack Automation Studio is distributed worldwide through Binary Resource (UK) Ltd.
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