Wallflowers Media, LLC Introduces Holiday Tradition- Elfed

Wallflowers Media, LLC introduces holiday tradition- Elfed. Partners Allison Mays and Leigh Noonan have created a holiday tradition called Elfed. Sales of their Elfed kits have begun online and have started spreading holiday cheer.

Raleigh, NC, November 22, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Wallflowers Media, LLC has begun selling kits called Elfed. The kits include several Christmas goodies geared toward children and one plush Elf with long Velcro arms. The idea is that you "Elf" your friends and neighbors by leaving the kit on their porch and running away. The children are left wondering who Elfed them and enjoying the holiday cheer. The included instructions tell the recipient to hang their new elf on their front door or wreath to let others know that they have already been Elfed and to then keep the spirit going by Elfing two of their friends or neighbors. The intent and hope being that by Christmas day all the boys and girls in the neighborhood have been Elfed and have been touched by the spirit of giving that Christmas should be all about. After Christmas and in years to come, the elves can be hung on the recipients tree to keep an eye on the children.

The Elfed kits can be purchased for $12 or two kits for $20 on the Wallflowers Media website at www.wallflowersmedia.com/store Each kit comes with several pieces of candy, a holiday puzzle, two holiday pencils, a letter addressed to Santa at the North Pole, magical reindeer food, and instructions about how to use the Elfed kit, sharing the goodies and spreading the holiday spirit. Plans to include an ebook with the Elfed story are in process and should be included in kits soon.

For further information, please contact Allison Mays at 919.673.1421 or allison@wallflowersmedia.com or visit http://www.wallflowersmedia.com or https://www.facebook.com/haveyoubeenelfed.
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