Tax Attorneys in Philadelphia, PA, Improve Service for Area Taxpayers with Help from SEO Firm

Tax resolution specialist "Taxation Solutions, Inc." partners up with the SEO experts at "Prospect Genius" to bring superior tax relief services to the greater Philadelphia area.

Philadelphia, PA, November 22, 2013 --( Taxpayers in the greater Philadelphia area who are seeking professional tax help will soon have an easier time finding the right tax attorneys for the job. Area tax resolution group Taxation Solutions, Inc., with help from the Web marketing specialists at Prospect Genius, is taking steps to make its Web site easier to locate via a search engine query. Studies have shown that people using search engines generally click on the top two or three results listed, and in partnership with Prospect Genius, Taxation Solutions, Inc. will work to push its site toward the top listings for tax resolution services in Philadelphia.

According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, search engine use has grown dramatically over the past decade: from 52% of Americans using them in January 2002 to 73% in February 2012. As the world grows ever more digital, that percentage should continue to increase. That’s why a business like Taxation Solutions, Inc. has to take search engine performance into account when creating an overall Web marketing plan. A business's Web site needs to be actively maintained, informative, and easy to locate via Google, Yahoo!, or Bing in order to be an effective marketing tool.

To help Taxation Solutions improve its Web presence, Prospect Genius will employ a tactic known as search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO can improve small business Web sites’ search engine rankings, helping them to appear closer to the top of relevant results pages. For Taxation Solutions, the goal is for search engine queries using tax industry–related terms like “back taxes,” “IRS audits,” and “tax penalties” to lead the searcher to the company’s site and contact information.

“Search engine optimization has the double benefit of making it easier for prospective customers to find a business that can help them, while also helping businesses broaden their customer base by targeting people who are already seeking their services,” says Prospect Genius SEO specialist Matt Gallo. “We want to ensure that everyone in Philadelphia who needs tax help has access to the expert services Taxation Solutions, Inc. offers.”

Taxation Solutions, Inc. is pleased to provide both individual and business tax help in Philadelphia. The tax resolution company offers assistance with back taxes, tax penalties and settlements, IRS audits, and more.
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