Pardus' LIMS -- eQMS::LIMS Implemented in PIK Vrbovec

Croatian largest meat industry implemented Pardus' LIMS - eQMS::LIMS

Zagreb, Croatia, September 21, 2007 --( Croatian largest meat industry successfully implemented Pardus' LIMS - eQMS::LIMS. eQMS::LIMS is used for health and quality control of raw materials, during manufacturing process to ensure batch quality and finally for inspection for adherence to health and quality standards of final products before they left factory facility.

eQMS::LIMS is used by internal quality control and veterinary inspectors to check production runs. Through eQMS::LIMS the customer is able to secure quality of their products, link product batches with suppliers and other related parameters, improve overall products quality and minimize health related risk.

eQMS::LIMS is a cross industry LIMS (laboratory information management system) supporting workflows and processes within laboratory. eQMS::LIMS streamlines processes and data flows unifying diverse sets of biological, chemical or physical data collected across corresponding analytical laboratories into a central database. Pardus ( is a software development company providing its clients with turn-key ICT solutions based upon the best-of-the-breed technologies and best quality services.


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