Production Has Begun for Touching the Lives of Americans, a Documentary Film

Townsend Films is Producing a heartfelt Documentary film about 2 non profits teaming up to provide service dogs to special needs children and wounded veterans for a theatrical release 2014.

Los Angeles, CA, November 23, 2013 --( Alexandra Townsend, CEO of Townsend Films is Producing and Directing, Touching The Lives Of Americans, A Documentary Film. Alexandra recently met the two wonderful and amazing people from 2 separate non-profit organizations (Rescue Me and Devoted To Youth) who decided to partner up to help change the lives of Special Needs Children and recently returned wounded Veterans by providing them with a rescued dog that will be specially trained as a service dog to help their specific needs. As a Producer, her business and creative mind went to work and production has begun to share with the world this heartfelt story.

Come journey with the production as they follow the lives of 3 beautiful special needs children and 3 awesome recently returned wounded Veterans. Guests include world famous animal trainer Warren Eckstein, recently returned wounded Veterans Alex Minsky and Mylee YC and many others. Hosted by Brady Farmer of Devoted To Youth and Co-Hosted by Joy Nadel of Rescue Me.

Supporters can visit their Documentary's website at

Production started on Nov. 19th, 2013 and hopes to be in theaters by mid 2014.

What Is Still Needed & What You Get
They are hoping for a 400,000 raise to help finish their Documentary Film. Your Donation (as this is a 501 (c) (3)) will help with the cost of part of our production (travel, rental equipment,etc), post production (editing, music clearances and scoring) and for the limited release theatrically (also known as P & A).

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Other Ways You Can Help
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