Daniel Levine: Hyper-Segmentation is Coming in to Focus

Corporations are joining the trend of focusing in on smaller groups.

New York, NY, November 23, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Trends expert and keynote speaker Daniel Levine is noting a major trend in the way companies are promoting products. Companies are trying to target smaller and smaller groups of people, even as their client base continues to grow. This phenomenon is known as hyper-segmentation.

The beverage industry is one of the biggest sources of this segmentation. Pepsi is leading the charge, having recently introduced flavored bottled water that is targeted specifically at teens. French wine makers are doing the same, introducing cola-flavored and canned vintages to catch the attention of younger consumers.

“This type of segmentation is normal,” says Daniel Levine. “These corporations have researchers constantly working to open up new markets and find groups that are not being served.”

However, the segmentation is spreading across a variety of lifestyles, and that is yielding a variety of unique products and services. For example, people who are gluten-free by allergy or choice are seeing more and more products catered to them. Many food products are rice-based, allowing consumers on this diet to enjoy similar foods to the types they used to enjoy. But this market trend is also being flooded with all kinds of ideas, including an online dating service specifically for gluten-free eaters.

Those following a vegan lifestyle are seeing all kinds of products and services being targeted their way as well. Vegan restaurants and foods have been a growing staple of larger cities. But the appeal doesn’t stop there. Los Angeles-based retailer American Apparel has launched a vegan fashion line. And a strip club in Portland, Oregon is promoting itself as the world’s first vegan adult venue.

“The hyper-segmentation trend reflects the growing access we have to our own preferences and desires,” says Levine. “Businesses are simply providing services that sets of people seek. This trend is a game of supply-and-demand, and we can expect it to continue growing.”

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