Meet MediConsult’s Medical Consultant in Dublin, Ireland

Great opportunity to talk about treatment abroad with Polish medical consultant in Dublin

Dublin, Ireland, September 21, 2007 --( After Poland joined the European Union in 2004 the interest in treatment in this country has risen dramatically. Poland offers high quality medical services, EU registered surgeons, good and fast air connections and last but not least excellent prices. “My patients usually save between 35% - 60% in comparison with Irish or British prices. This is a really huge discount,” says Nina Manduk - independent medical consultant, the owner of MediConsult, a Polish company specialising in organising treatment in Poland for overseas patients. MediConsult services dozens of patients a month. The most popular treatments are cosmetic surgery, dental and orthopaedic treatment. “The Polish private medical sector offers very high quality service which is just as safe as in western countries. Polish doctors enjoy fine reputation. In fact hundreds of them already work in western countries and many work partially for Polish clinics and partially in the UK/Ireland.” says Nina. MediConsult’s clients benefit mainly from the difference in price which e.g. amounts to 4000 euro and more comparing breast enlargement prices in Poland and in the UK/Ireland. Nina Manduk regularly visits Ireland and the UK. The purpose of the visits is to meet people interested in treatment abroad and to present the offer of Polish medical sector. The next visit is planned between 31st of October and 4th of November in Dublin. “This is the third visit this year. The previous two were very successful and I’ve decided to come back to Dublin as soon as possible.” says Nina Manduk.

Nina Manduk MediConsult
Nina Manduk