Punch TV Presents Comedian Jamie Kennedy in the Hilarious New TV Show Kennedy's Court

Renowned impressionist and certified master of disguise Jamie Kennedy is getting back to what he does best: Pranking the public while playing outlandish characters. This time around, in Punch TV’s upcoming “Kennedy's Court,” Jamie isn’t just setting up unsuspecting citizens, he’s taking aim at the entire court-show genre. He’s spoofing TV judges with some over-the-top characters of his own.

Los Angeles, CA, November 23, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Real people will bring their real-life disputes into the courtroom as Jamie dons deep-cover makeup, playing any of four judge characters: Johnny Jackson is a fast-talking black judge, Waylon E. Lee is a Southern judge that resembles an offensive Colonel Sanders, and Julian S. Wallows is a flamboyantly gay judge who sometimes gets a bit too cheeky with the litigants.

Rounding out the cast of characters is Judge Joan Feinsilver, a parody of a certain other female judge, whose mannerisms and demeanor Kennedy has down to a T.

“Court shows are always so serious, and the cases are ridiculous,” says Kennedy, who is also exec-producing under his Jamie Kennedy Entertainment banner. “It’s ripe for parody, and you’d be surprised what we can get away with.”

Most episodes see the Plaintiffs and Defendants presenting their gripes in front of the “Judge,” attempting to make compelling arguments. But all the while, Jamie controls the situation and builds to a verdict and a character reveal, his trademark in the realm of hidden-camera entertainment.

Despite being taken for a ride, the litigants often find themselves amused when they’re hit with the big reveal.

“I’m surprised most people don’t recognize me,” says Kennedy. “But when I tell them who I am they usually crack up and can’t believe it.”

Highlight cases include a pair of African-American roommates presenting their real-life feud before the gay Judge Wallows, and Judge Jackson, the impatient black judge, riling up two white 20-somethings in front of a full courtroom.

As Punch TV considers becoming a publicly traded company and raising $100 million during it's IPO, television shows such as Kennedy's Court provide an indication of the caliber of shows viewers can expect from Punch TV.

CEO Punch TV Joseph Collins states, “We are very excited that a star of Jamie Kennedy's magnitude has decided to join Punch TV as one of our flagship television shows. We are ecstatic to have Jamie as a part of the Punch TV family!”

Jamie Kennedy fans will not want to miss Kennedy's Court coming this Spring to Punch TV. Jamie Kennedy is available for interviews with national and local media. For interviews please contact Joseph Collins, Punch TV (323) 965-7862 or email S.Hardie@PunchTVNetwork.com.
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