A Moment of Inspiration with Nathalie Gosset During the General Session on Fri Nov. 22nd at the 24th Annual Career Technical Education (CTE) Fall Conference

Ontario, CA, November 25, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Nathalie Gosset, EE, MS, MBA was the keynote speaker on Friday morning at the 24th Annual Career Technical Education Fall Conference in Ontario, CA and talked about the Jobs of the Future, a topic that weaved common themes with the focus of the conference on Connecting Common Core. The Common Core State Standards represent a set of educational recommendations and expectations that integrate into the teaching of the fundamentals applications to real world situations.

The audience experienced an inspiring moment when Ms. Gosset painted the landscape of the future of the next five to ten years and the new emerging types of jobs that do not exist today. Ms. Gosset explained the value of continuous professional reinvention, a very important factor to be a relevant educator and to form employable students. She described a dozen of trends that will create shortages of talent in new market segments and presented opportunities to form ideal graduates for these jobs. For instance, the world of big data gives access to information that is now used to better predict someone’s health in the future and new jobs in the field of disease prediction and prevention as well as personalized care of patients. Students who learn the art of rational analysis of data as it relates to genetics and proteomics or vaccine development will be very relevant to the job market. Technologies such as the Emotiv brain sensing systems and Google Glass will seed new waves of jobs in companies who want to give customers an immersive hand free experience with their environment.

Nathalie Gosset, EE, MS, MBA is Head of Business Development and Marketing at the Alfred Mann Institute at the University of Southern California. The AMI is a non-profit acceleration center for commercialization of biomedical inventions coming from USC. Ms. Gosset is responsible for establishing the value that each innovation will have 5, 10 or 15 years from now. From her understanding of the future, she develops product specific business plans for each one of the new inventions accelerated by the Institute.
Alfred Mann Institute at the University of Southern California
Nathalie Gosset