Phoenix Indie Band The Lovelost Release New Album

Phoenix, AZ, November 24, 2013 --( The lovelost, an indie band, who sings in English and in Spanish have just released their new album, Foreign, to fan and critical acclaim.

The lovelost, one of the few rock bands that feature songs in English and in Spanish, are comprised of Ixchel del Castillo, bassist and lead vocalist, Frank Ippolito, guitars/ukulele, with Nick Kizer on drums, and Niki Kizer on guitar. While del Castillo and Ippolito are the core of The lovelost, they also recruit many of their talented musician friends to play on their record.

Del Castillo, growing up in Mexico City, immigrated to the U.S. 6 years ago, and was a professional Radio DJ for a local alternative station in Mexico. Ippolito, a native of Arizona, met del Castillo soon after she moved and have been creating music together since then.

Recently returning from a short tour in the home state, they were greeted with a review of the album from, John D'Andriole, music writer from

"First albums are usually both strong and weak for a band. I've mentioned the typical way albums are created before: one makes the first album to sell, the second to solidify, then the third to mature and experiment. So the first album is usually easy to digest, even if it doesn't carry much weight. They nailed it on their first album. 'Foreign' is altogether fantastic."

The lovelost will be playing shows throughout the end of the year and looking forward to writing and recording a follow-up record.

Foreign can be found on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.
The lovelost
Frank Ippolito