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San Diego, CA, November 26, 2013 --( A newly developed members only website by the name of USA Roomies has been launched in order to connect roommates with others that have a room to rent, college housing, to organizations that double up people in a hotel room for a conference or training. It is a simple to use web portal that requires a short registration process as well as the creation of a personal roommate profile in order to interact with other members. New users are guided through the steps of managing their roomie profile and are then shown how to find a roommate by using the site’s various features. All postings are then sorted and presented to visitors according to their geographic location.

USA Roomies, a website devoted to pairing people with like-minded co-inhabitants in order to remove some of the difficulty that can go into finding living arrangements with others, has recently deployed their operations in the United States, but is for any country to use to obtain roommates in the USA. College students in the USA can chat all summer long with prospective international students they would like to room with. (Online Rentals, LLC) is positioning themselves to be the primary option for those looking to find a simple online roommate finder or roommate referral service. The website enables users to post and browse roommate profiles, which are sorted according to where they live or plan to move. It leverages users’ pre-existing social media resources as well as a dedicated messaging system to provide a seamless communication environment. By registering on the site, visitors are then able to browse the profiles and advertisements of other people and can also initiate correspondence.

Those looking for a room to rent are able to use the roommate search service to sort through existing roommate profiles in relative anonymity until they get ready to commit to a housing agreement. This is accomplished through a wide range of security customizations available to users that allow them to grant and rescind access to anything in their profile. Profile and personal details are kept secure in a manner that allows users to lock their pictures, and data to be displayed to only people they are chatting with or a targeted area in the United States were they are going to live. This helps alleviate apprehensiveness related to meeting new people online and also provides an additional element of safety. In fact, the organization has a stated goal of continuing to develop new methods for implementing a safe-browsing environment for all visitors.

USA Roomies’ referral service spans both the continental and non-contiguous United States and focuses on providing rental locator services to members in rural as well as urban centers. While the user experience employs a model similar to other online classifieds, it distances itself from the norm in the use of intuitive and socially relevant districts which include such cultural epicenters as military bases, colleges, suburbs, and even prominent neighborhoods. The website itself appears to be a direct response to common shortcomings associated with posting to classified websites including trust, effectiveness, and lack of customizability concerning not only ad content but also how it is represented in regard to location.


USA Roomies is one of a pair of websites that have been developed by web developer, Pete Markakis, to provide a much needed addition of features to the available rent finder websites on the internet. (Online Rentals, LLC) represents unique approach that focuses on a safety-first mentality. Online Rentals, LLC is dedicated to providing the safest alternative to current market solutions and continues to develop new and innovative approaches to social networking that allows standing technologies to be used to solve problems related to finding lodging.
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