Fila Shoes Now Available via Findable

US footwear giant enters agreement with Findable, looks to increase sales in India by targeting the user base of Findable, hopeful of more sales through retailers.

New Delhi, India, November 25, 2013 --( Fila shoes have entered an agreement with India's leading shopping portal, Findable and now Fila products can be searched and found using Findable's product search engine. This effectively means that users of Findable can now easily use the search function of the portal to find out the sellers of Fila shoes and also know about the prices different sellers are offering.

The confirmation came from Mr Anirudh Suri, owner of Findable, when he announced the deal to the media saying, “we are very happy to say that Fila India has agreed to enlist their products in our portal and now every Fila product which are available in India can be found using Findable's search engine. This is a great moment as we have been able to improve our Accessories category rather significantly in the last few months and addition of Fila is more step in that direction.”

Fila is a world famous brand for the footwear it manufactures. Fila shoes are very popular in India, especially among the Indian youth. Mainly producing shoes for sporting purpose, Fila is very famous for its skele-toes, basketball, casual, heritage, running, tennis, training, sandals, boots, trail and motorsports shoes. Fila has excellent collection of footwear for men, women, boys, girls, sport, and heritage. Often one can find Fila shoes for sale as well as can browse the new arrivals.

Fila sandals, along with other variations, are a particular favourite for Indians who traditionally love to wear sandals at home and often to parties and casual outings. That has been one reason why this brand gained extreme popularity in India since its entry to the Indian market. Although one can buy Fila shoes directly from the Fila website, Fila also sells using different ecommerce portals as well as having own showrooms. Additionally, Fila has a large retailer base who sells Fila products locally. As Findable aims to help people find and buy products in the local area, this deal is expected to be beneficial for Fila as more people, especially the large user base of Findable, can now find the retailers selling Fila products.

Findable has flourished into the top local search engine for Indian ecommerce in the very short time the site has existed for. The company has a very dynamic and innovative internet marketing team and a visionary management who often surprises the industry with their futuristic plans and moves. Presently operating in major Indian cities, the company plans to expand its service in near future.
Rahul Setti