DanCo Décor Company: Glass Bottles Decoration for Vodka Guberniya Dvoryanska

A new project in glass bottled decoration for vodka brands.

Kharkiv, Ukraine, November 26, 2013 --(PR.com)-- DanCo Décor Production Enterprise fulfilled decoration for one of his regular customers "Gorobyna" Ltd. Trademarks "Guberniya Dvoryanska" and "Guberniya Dvoryanska Luxe" remind of the "noble period" of the epoch of Catherine II, when only representatives of the nobility could run the home winemaking. Design is performed in the style of the 18th century, which remained loyal to the traditions and expressed respect for the old recipes of spirits.

According to Sergei Danilov, director of the DanCo Décor Company, the decoration was made by using classical technologies – frosting and screen printing with ceramic paints: "After applying of matting technology, glass bottle surface became opaque and rough. All images and inscriptions were put by multicolor screen printing, which resulted in maximal accuracy and high quality of coating. To create the effect of a lens on the bottle front a transparent window was left which enables viewing images on the reverse side."
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