The 2007 Eric Hoffer Award for Prose Announced

Hopewell Publications announces the first winner of the Eric Hoffer Award for Prose with the release of annual anthology Best New Writing 2007.

Trenton, NJ, September 26, 2007 --( The inaugural issue of Best New Writing, an anthology of new fiction and creative nonfiction, will be released on October 4th. BNW includes the Eric Hoffer Award for prose and books.

The two separate awards carry the name of American philosopher and freethinker Eric Hoffer, who embodied the spirit of independent learning and human potential. The 2007 Hoffer prizewinner for prose, Lance Olsen, is featured in BNW along with other honorees. BNW also includes the last known interview with William Styron.

“This extensive anthology will immediately become a treasured possession,” said noted journalist Walter Cronkite. “And as he has for decades, Styron will captivate millions of future fans with his brilliant mind and extraordinary talent.”

When author Christopher Klim launched a small literary magazine in 2003, he had little idea that it would eventually house a significant prize for both prose and independent books. “From the start, we wanted to serve modern readers as well as working writers,” said BNW’s Executive Editor. “The judging pool for the top literary prizes often exclude small presses and previously unpublished work.”

Best New Writing is a sample of contemporary writers from around the world. The only major criteria for consideration is that the work is unpublished and less than 10,000 words. “We are not about promoting what you already know, the styles and genres that are comfortably entrenched in the commercial publishing world,” Klim noted. “We are about inclusion and discovery.”

Best New Writing 2007 was edited by Robert Gover, best-selling author of One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding, Time and Money, and On the Run with Dick and Jane; Thomas E. Kennedy, award-winning author of the Copenhagen Quartet and Cast Upon the Day, and Advisory Editor of The Literary Review; Christopher Klim, author of Jesus Lives in Trenton, Everything Burns, The Winners Circle, and Idiot!; and Matt Ryan, former editor of Writers Notes Magazine.

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