Keep Calm and Santa On: Thriving Throughout the Holiday Season

Crysal Andrus' “Keep Calm and Santa On,” an interactive telecourse program (live and recorded calls) that begins December 15th.

Toronto, Canada, November 27, 2013 --( The holidays can be the most beautiful and most stressful time of the year for most people—especially women. Not only are they trying to find the perfect gifts, decorate the house, attend all their work parties and family obligations (and look good at all of them), they know they’re about to spend time with family members they’d do almost anything to avoid.

Emotions run high. Words are said. Feelings get hurt. What was meant to be the “perfect day” ends up becoming another painful memory of holidays past.

What if this year you could be prepared with a new outlook, new empowered communications skills, and the ability to negotiate new healthy boundaries?

Crystal Andrus, three-time bestselling Canadian author, world-renowned women's advocate, life-coach on the Gemini-award winning TV show X-Weighted (seen in 15 countries), radio host on CBS RADIO, and international speaker, has created a holiday program, Keep Calm and Santa On: Thrive Throughout the Holiday Season, designed to give women the tools they need to make this season peaceful rather than pressure.

“At 43 years of age,” says Andrus, “I’ve finally learned how to make the holidays an absolutely beautiful, stress-free, and fulfilling time of year. But that wasn’t always the case. In years gone by, I’ve experienced everything from full-blown battles on Christmas Day to forgoing every party and get-together because I wasn’t emotionally empowered enough to handle them. You’d never believe it now!”

Keep Calm & Santa On is an interactive telecourse program (live and recorded calls) that begins December 15th. It will help participants learn:
• What the “perfect” holiday would actually look like to You.
• How to speak your truth without offending others or feeling hurt yourself.
• The Art of Communication versus Confrontation.
• How to stop feeling like the Martyr Mother or Wounded Child and step fully into your most empowered emotional place: Woman Energy.
• Negotiate new healthy boundaries so that you can easily spot when someone is beginning to take advantage, and stop it before it turns into confrontation.
• What assertive, empowered communication looks, feels, and sounds like.
• The difference between Peaceful from Passive. (Hint: One brings you contentment, the other anxiety.)
• Learn how to say “no” and not feel badly or guilty afterward

The program cost only $49. More details can be found at

Crystal Andrus is available for interviews.

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