Joan Oloff Shoes at FFANY’s Shoe Expo on December 4-6

Silicon Valley Foot Doctor Unites with 3rd Generation Italian Shoemaker to Create an Exciting New Line of High Heel Shoes.

San Francisco, CA, November 28, 2013 --( Dr. Joan Oloff will be presenting her new collection at the FFaNY Shoe Show at the mid-town Hilton Hotel on December 4-6.

Joining her will be Maurizio Iacopini, the 3rd generation shoe maker in Italy who makes Joan Oloff Shoes in his factory.

Iacopini admits that he is excited and honored to have his factory chosen to manufacture her shoes. He says, “These are not normal shoes,” referring to the new patent pending technology and materials that Oloff utilizes in her line.

According to Dr. Oloff, “These shoes are not easy to make and I walked away from 4 other factories before I found the right place. My shoes are hand made, with only the finest materials. My insoles are complicated and it took a very knowledgeable shoe maker to execute my vision.”

“The luxury shoe business is being led by designers who have little knowledge of the anatomy or physiology of the human foot,” Dr. Oloff explains. “It is not uncommon for designers to be designing hand bags one day and shoes the next. Many women will sacrifice comfort for fashion, at least until they have sustained significant damage to their feet. I have set out to re-engineer the high heel shoe to match the anatomy and physiology of the foot more naturally. When the reaction that I had from one of my early prototypes was that the mid-heel pumps felt like athletic shoes, I knew I was on to something special!”

The patent pending technology of Joan Oloff Shoes involves several specific changes to the typical high heel shoe. “The changes in my insole have been created to reflect the needs of all women, regardless of foot type,” Oloff explains. “This technology supports the foot in a way only thought possible with custom orthotics. I want women to understand that they can have it all! My team and I have created beautifully elegant shoes that women can stand and walk in throughout the day. They will no longer have to call their dress shoes their sitting shoes!”

The first production of the Joan Oloff line will be shipped by the end of November. “I am excited to add more flats and boots to the collection. The technology will be similar, regardless of the shoe we produce. The high heel pump has been the biggest challenge. It’s all downhill from here!”

FFaNY Shoe Expo will take place:

When: December 4-6,2013, 10a.m. to 6p.m. ·
Where: Hilton New York Hotel, Room 1532, 1335 Avenue of the Americas (6th Ave between 53rd & 54th St, 15th Floor)

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