Terra Weather Launches World’s First Cloud-based Weather Planning Tool for Offshore Industry

Singapore, Singapore, November 30, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Offshore planners and asset managers will now be able to plan critical offshore activities with greater confidence and accuracy, by taking advantage of a first ever cloud-based weather planning tool that allows users to get real-time, instant weather information any time, anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection to any web browser from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

TerraWaves is a global online weather service that uses advanced multi-modeling statistical tools to provide time-critical weather information to businesses operating in the offshore industry, including offshore construction, heavy transport, exploration and production.

Having immediate access to accurate information on weather conditions is extremely important to avoid any costly unplanned downtime and damage to expensive equipment as well as vessel and crew safety.

“Traditional weather studies may take one to four weeks to arrive at the offshore planner’s desk, but with a cloud-based planning tool like TerraWaves, planners will now have instant access to weather information that provides valuable insights into past weather patterns and predictions of future weather,” says Arnold Doray, Forecast Manager of Terra Weather, the Singapore-headquartered company which has developed this advanced online weather planning tool.

Being completely customizable and interactive is another outstanding feature of TerraWaves, adds Doray who also headed the team of software engineers and meteorologists who took three years to design and develop the product.

TerraWaves allows offshore planners to specify operating thresholds for wind, waves, tides and currents, and seamlessly interact with historical data to generate instant and detailed weather reports, complete with tables, graphs and charts.
This allows offshore planners and asset managers to make better-informed decisions on the optimal weather windows for scheduling operations. Accurate weather forecasts are also critical for the safe transportation of large structures for offshore construction projects.

Other benefits of TerraWaves include:

• Real-time report sharing with multiple users

• Integrated weather forecasting and hindcasting capabilities

• Reliable interactive weather uptime assessments

• Ready access to daily weather reports for both onshore and offshore personnel

• Time and cost savings unlike traditional weather reports

TerraWaves has had a successful pilot run since April this year with very encouraging results from offshore companies who tested the tool. The company plans to launch the product in the first quarter of 2014.

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Terra Weather is headquartered in Singapore and provides state-of-the-art weather solutions to project managers, offshore operational planners, vessel masters, asset owners and marine warranty surveyors around the globe.
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