Daniel Levine: the Diversifying Trends Trend is Taking Over

The trends expert is noticing more brands trying out new products.

New York, NY, December 01, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Noted trends expert and keynote speaker Daniel Levine is seeing a trend in the way businesses are presenting their brands. Companies and groups are continually battling to increase their notability, and that has lead to a variety of ideas.

“Institutions are realizing that they need to do more in order to keep their brands relevant,” says Levine. “That’s inspiring groups to find different types of products and collaborations to find more relevancy.”

Richard Branson’s Virgin is a leader in diversifying brands. The company’s name is already on planes, trains, and even rockets. But Virgin is also lending its name to lip gloss, beer, energy drinks, and a variety of other small enterprises. The goal is to make the company’s eponymous with everything, a subtle advertising idea that keeps the company in mind at all times.

Beer seems to be the way many groups are trying to increase their name brand. The Grateful Dead, the legendary jam band, teamed up with Dogfish Head Brewing to create a beer. The brew’s label contains the band’s iconic logo. The high-end clothing maker Patagonia is also creating a beer. They have teamed up with Colorado brewer New Belgium to create a camping friendly brew.

Starbucks is also getting in on the alternate brands game. They’re testing out ways to go beyond the traditional brick and mortar space place their brand in alternative locations. For example, in Switzerland, the company is trying out rail cars as a new base, selling their products to commuters.

“Companies are always looking to diversify,” says Levine. “The goal of modern business is continued growth, and that is causing businesses to push the boundaries of what has traditionally worked for them. This trend is one example of how that goal is being accomplished.”

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