Bubble Chronicles – Release of Android Version

The mobile variant of the adventurous bubble-shooting game Bubble Chronicles is out. Now Android users may shoot and pop on their phones.

Palo Alto, CA, December 01, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Nobody ever gets bored with bubble games. Fascinated by their colours and cheerfulness, users want to always have them within hand's reach. No wonder, that one of the top bubble shooter titles of Renatus recently entered the Google Play Store.

It seems that a bit of background information here would be very helpful. So, Bubble Chronicles game was initially released on Facebook in mid-spring days of revolutionary 2013. It soon won the hearts of most match-3 game fans with either its highly absorbing plot, or memorable graphics, or other unique features. To prolong the initial success of Bubble Chronicles, the leading US-based game publishing company came up with its fresh Android version.

It's expected that such a 'twist' will be highly appreciated by the gaming audience and bring dividends, as after this release any player can get his own 24/7 source of bubble joy. All they need is a working Android tablet or mobile phone.

A couple of clicks, 3 minutes of waiting and any player will get access to mobile Bubble Chronicles, that offers a breath-taking adventure in the series of ancient epochs, from Prehistory to Antiquity.

The player must help two children find their grandpa that got lost during one of the bizarre experiments. All they know is that he was thrown back to the ancient past. Traditionally, all problems in such games are to be solved by accurate shooting and loud popping.

Bubble Chronicles consists of several ancient worlds built up from multiple match-3 levels. Gradual rise of complexity, wide range of boosters, unique hard-to-complete collections supplied with a bunch of other, no less fun features are there in Bubble Chronicles for any fan to enjoy.

It's got a couple of advantages if compared with its online predecessor:
- offline playing
- syncing of progress with Facebook account

The latter means that those, who've ever played Bubble Chronicles online, won't have to start it from the very beginning. Well, except when they just want to replay their favourite levels, or earn more stars. All players are given choice – to have a fresh start or reinforce their positions.

Plus, users may send requests to their Facebook friends as they did before – they only have to find a free Wi-Fi spot and log in.

Bubble Chronicles is a top notch bubble-shooting experience and an easy picking for all fun seekers, brought by Renatus.

Download Bubble Chronicles Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.clonefish.bubblechronicles
Press here to play on Facebook: https://apps.facebook.com/bubblechronicles
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