Guaranteed Home Inspections in Southern California Adds FLIR ThermaCAM B2 Thermal Imaging for the Best Inspection You Can Find

FLIR Systems, Inc. designed their ThermaCAM B2 to be the best thermal imaging system for home inspections. Thermal images reveal problems ranging from energy loss, moisture intrusion and structural issues to overheating electrical and mechanical equipment.

Temecula, CA, December 01, 2013 --( Thermal imaging systems have been used for decades in military, scientific and commercial activities and are proven to offer more information about a building or your home than any other available technology.

While it is clear that we cannot see through walls, thermally sensitive cameras can detect temperature differentials that often are a sign that moisture is present inside a wall.

Many problems with homes can be detected by FLIR cameras that cannot be seen by the naked eye. An example is moisture that seeps into carpets from rain hitting sliding glass doors. This moisture causes a small change in temperature of the floor and carpet that is detected easily by the sensitive thermal imaging camera.

Another example is wet stucco. It is impossible to see that stucco has moisture in it unless a thermal imaging camera is used. Then the small temperature difference between the dry stucco and the damp stucco is revealed in great detail.

Ceilings that have moisture from small leaks in a roof also show no visible signs but the dampness is clearly visible in a thermal image.

Flat composition sheet covered roofs often have tiny holes or gaps that allow moisture under the sheet. When the sun starts to heat up those roofs any areas with moisture under it heats up slower so the cooler area is immediately shown in a thermal image.

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