Leading Public Service Provider A4e Secures Confidential Information Using Egress Switch

A4e invests in market-leading email and file encryption solution as an easy-to-use mechanism for securing confidential data shared with third parties.

London, United Kingdom, December 05, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Two years on from a major initiative to enhance their information security systems, frontline public services provider A4e and their award-winning email and file encryption solution provider Egress Software Technologies reflect on their success in protecting and securing information shared with external third parties.

With 3,500 employees based in the UK and abroad, A4e works in partnership with governments, public sector organisations, private sector companies, and voluntary and community groups to deliver a variety of frontline public services, including employment and welfare, training and education, and financial advice. As such, a range of highly sensitive data must be shared with partners, subcontractors and customers, including personal, commercially sensitive and legal information.

“As an increasing amount of confidential information is being shared with external organisations using email and large file transfer, many funding bodies have advised that independently assured encryption solutions must be used to protect this data while in transit,” explains A4e Group Information Security Officer David Tarleton-Hodgson. “A4e examined this issue two years ago, and subsequently purchased Egress Switch. Our key requirement when selecting a data security solution was usability. If users can access secure information using a variety of easy-to-use, ubiquitous applications, then the product will be widely adopted. Confusion can often put confidential data at risk, with users unsure of what needs encrypting, and when and how to encrypt; Egress Switch removes any fear factor surrounding encryption, enabling end-users to finally embrace information security.”

Designed to provide a genuine "one-click" email and file encryption solution, Switch integrates seamlessly with a variety of hosted email environments, including Office 365 and GoogleApps, as well as on-premise email infrastructure, such as Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, and IBM Notes. In addition, its unique community-based licensing model enables paying and free subscribers to securely share information with one another as often as required. This approach increases user confidence to apply data security measures when sharing sensitive information, ultimately protecting organisations from the data losses and breaches that expose them to monetary penalties from the Information Commissioner’s Office and damaged business reputation.

“Not only is Switch simple for both the sender and recipient to use, it also ticks technical boxes as well, such as comprehensive control functionality and integration with existing infrastructure, including all mobile platforms,” continues Tarleton-Hodgson. “Real-time auditing enables users to stay in control of the information they share using Switch, with the ability to set time restrictions or revoke access. Further, integration with existing IT systems complements ‘back office’ business processes, streamlining the data sharing process across the organisation. As a result, we have a solution in place that is easy to use, aligned to our business processes so that employee productivity hasn’t been impacted, and most importantly, protects the highly sensitive information we share.”

The final project was jointly delivered to A4e by Egress and leading security and infrastructure services partner Network Technology Solutions Ltd (NTS).

Commenting on the announcement, Egress Chief Executive Officer Tony Pepper stated: “We are delighted that A4e has benefited from using Switch to fulfil their data encryption requirements. From day one, it became clear that they required a solution that would be simple for both employees and external third parties to use, in addition to integrating with existing infrastructure. Switch’s unique on-demand cloud-based service provides a genuine ‘one-click’ solution for users, enabling them to secure the information they need to share without impacting other work processes and overall efficiency. Moreover, as the UK’s only CESG CPA Foundation Grade certified email encryption platform, Switch enables organisations to share information securely, safe in the knowledge that they are using a government approved product. As a result, A4e can be confident that the sensitive information they share is secure, protecting them and their users from data losses, regulatory fines and potential reputational damage.”

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