Fantasy Author Releases Second Book In Her Paranormal Romance Series "Arash - Raytara: Judgement of the Stars"

International author, Elke Schuster is pleased to announce the release of the second book in her Arash fantasy series, entitled: "Raytara - Judgement of the Stars."

New York, NY, December 06, 2013 --( Like "Arash - Shadow Hunt," the first volume of the four-book series, "Raytara – Judgement of the Stars" is a gripping love story about unthinkable challenges and dangers in the fascinating world of the Arash.

The roles are changing: Bright may not be bright after all when the past catches up with dark sins. But dark isn’t supposed to be the equivalent of bad, or is it?

Livia has been an Arash for five months when her perfect life starts to crumble around her. A second Arash family, led by the fierce Philomena, harboring a century-old hatred against Randolph, threatens to destroy them all, while Ruth spills Livia’s best kept secret, wrecking her love affair. Philomena, out for revenge, infiltrates her followers into Randolph’s family, but will everyone fall for the ruse? In the course of events Livia discovers her amazing inexplicable powers but will she be strong enough to save Randolph, who hides more secrets than anyone could guess, from Raytara, the judgement of the stars? Will her best friend Natalie finally find true love in the most unexpected of persons and can Livia save her own love after all?

"Raytara – Judgement of Stars" (vol. 2) and "Arash: Shadow Hunt" are available online in print and ebook formats. "Tasagalt - Cross of the South" (vol. 3) is due out in Spring 2014 and "Jhanmar – World Travellers" (vol. 4) is due out in late Fall 2014.

Book Information:
Raytara - Judgement of the Stars
Series: Arash Vol. 2
Author: Elke Schuster
ISBN: 978-1493559930
Published: November 2013
Pages: 246
Genre: Fantasy, Romance

About The Author:
Elke Schuster lives in Austria with her husband, a painter, and their daughters. She studied Romance philology and English and American Studies in Salzburg, Venice, and London, culminating in her dissertation on ‘Machiavelli under the Perspective of Greek and Latin Historiography’. After a career in marketing and the birth of her two daughters she founded a successful translation business. The Arash books are her first novels.

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Elke Schuster