Edge Access, Inc. Improves American Law Enforcement with Power Free Communication Modules

Odessa, FL, December 06, 2013 --(PR.com)-- After 11 years of improving telecommunications for federal and local-level law enforcement, Edge Access, Inc. is pleased to offer the Edge Power Free Module (EPF) that is meant to improve implementation time and visitation safety in American jail and prison systems. The firm looks forward to the increased security its new system will bring to American law enforcement.

The Edge Power Free Module will take the firm’s pre-existing technology and improve upon it, offering clients a way to meet their inmates’ guaranteed visitation rights, while cutting down on the issues of contraband and violence that too often come with loose visitation policies. Whereas other virtual visitation systems require separate power and data lines to be run to a station, the EPF Module offers prisons the ability to run only a single Cat 6 ethernet cable, giving the station power and data capabilities instantly. Christina L. Veschi, Vice President of Business Operations, believes that the EPF system is a step in the right direction, as it allows for “rapid deployment to quickly and efficiently get the facility side systems installed without adding electrical outlets that require special tampering considerations.”

Veschi adds that the new system is not only great for law enforcement officials, but that the implementation of the EPF Module represents a huge step forward over the company’s competition. Edge Access’s systems, she states, are “the first to actually take the facility out of the visitation process,” a trait that makes it easier for visitors to schedule visits, wherever they are and whenever they’re available. Used in conjunction with the firm’s well known monitoring systems, Veschi believes that Edge Access offers security not found with competitors. “Edge Access’s Monitoring Station monitors all simultaneous visits,” she begins, “the competition is limited, which means a lot could happen and not been seen or managed until it is viewed in the recording.”

Everyone behind the EPF Module at Edge Access is looking forward to implementing this device that is designed to enhance safety and offer convenience for corrections facilities across the country. Whereas before when visitation meant putting corrections workers, lawyers, judges, and others in harm’s way, now public officials and personal visitors can safely, remotely have regular visits from the comfort of their home or office. Undoubtedly, this service means big things for Edge Access, Inc., and the product will be well received on the clients’ end.

Edge Access, Inc. is located at 11609 Prosperous Dr. in Odessa, FL. For more information, visit www.edgeaccess.net , or call 813.486.4520.
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Christina L. Veschi