Publisher Plans to Shake Up the Literary World with Book Bomb

Small publishers look to guerrilla marketing to promote great books.

Austin, TX, December 07, 2013 --( With the Long Tail growing ever longer and the cloud of obscurity becoming harder to break through for small book publishers, some are turning to guerilla marketing techniques to get noticed. That’s just what Code Publishing ( is doing for its latest release, a spiritual fiction entitled “Now and at the Hour of Our Death,” with what’s called a book bomb.

What is a book bomb you may ask? It is when a group of people buy their copy of a book at the same time in order to increase the sales rank statistic for online retailers such as Amazon. Books with a high sales rank receive more attention and achieve higher visibility. The figures are also followed by major book retailers and sudden spikes are appealing.

“It’s almost impossible for a small publisher to get noticed without a big budget,” Joseph Morse, Code’s Director of Marketing, said. “A book bomb is a simple technique to help the little guy compete with the big publishers.”

“Now and at the Hour of Our Death” will be officially released December 8, 2013 with the book bomb occurring at 1 p.m. Eastern on December 9, 2013.

New Classic Books is an imprint of Code Publishing based in Austin, TX. Previously released books by Code include “Gods of Ruin: A Political Thriller” and “Chaos and Kingdom: A Financial Thriller.”
Code Publishing
Jenny Langley