Differential Pressure Switch Ideal for Room Pressure Monitoring, Interlock Pressure Systems, and Controlling Pressures in Gas Fired Heating Systems

Clark Series 605 Differential Pressure Switches feature a unique diaphragm design and self-cleaning contacts for more accurate switching points.

Hudson, MA, December 10, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Clark Solutions announces its Series 605 Differential Pressure Switch featuring several design advantages making Series 605 Switches superior to alternative models. Series 605 Differential Pressure Switches are designed for use with air and non-corrosive gases with standard switch points from 0.05" w.c. to 1.6" w.c.. Models with optional switch points above 1.6" w.c., are available. Series 605 Switches can be installed either vertically or horizontally without impacting performance.

605 Differential Pressure Switches feature a unique trapezoidal bead diaphragm design which provides a better contact release and accuracy than alternative switches. Switch Point Repeatability is ±.004" w.c (1.0 Pa). The self-cleaning contact design that is standard for all 605 Switches means they are never susceptible to contact point corrosion or degradation assuring exceptional service life. Integrated cable strain relief is standard on all Series 605 Differential Pressure Switches to assure connectivity. In addition to use in gas fired heating systems, HVAC monitoring and control systems, and Interlock systems, Series 605 Pressure Switches are excellent choices for appliance, fume hood, and other applications.

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