Findable Adds New Range of Furla Products

Indian local search facilitator Findable adds newer products from Italian brand Furla in its display, lands among the first few Indian companies to do so.

New Delhi, India, December 09, 2013 --( Indian local shopping portal, Findable, has added newly launched products from famous Italian handbag manufacturer, Furla, in its display. With this new addition, Findable is now listing a total of 41 different products from the leading women accessories manufacturer.

This was expected of Findable as the company has the reputation of bringing things early into the Indian market. While Furla is a recent example, Findable has been able to add newer products continuously across different categories and brands. With no less than 600 brands listed methodically in the site, this is a huge achievement.

The news was confirmed by Anirudh Suri, the owner of Findable. When asked, Mr Suri said, “Yes, we have added a few new products of Findable. The new products were launched on a global basis recently. We are among the first few companies who can give the product to the users. We are happy that we can maintain the pace with the global market and that is our aim, to be a global standard company in the Indian market.”

“The new bags were chosen carefully by our experts who understand the Indian market and know what exactly the Indian women want. At the same time, we made sure that the Furla handbags we added are within the purchasing power of Indians and matches the Indians needs as well,” Mr Suri continued.

Furla India is a global brand and is known for the excellent accessories it provides for the women. Based in Italy, this brand has a great following in the Europe and the Asia. The Asian market seems to like the pricing of fashion accessories from Furla as price is still a dominant factor in Asia. Furla bags are known for their classic designs which don’t go out of the fashion easily, durable and attractive stitching and the exciting range of colours offered.

Findable is a company which came with a unique concept and offers help when someone is looking for a product in his area. The company takes into the user's location data automatically and then displays the sellers' information for the product in the near vicinity. The company displays the different prices offered by the sellers as well and the distance of the outlet from the user's location. This way, Findable has been able to create a niche where people who love physical shopping have become fans of Findable. Presently available in Indian metro cities only, Findable plans to extend its service into other parts of India soon.
Rahul Setti