SoulJAR Games Introduces Dice Crawl

SoulJar Games announces its first original game release: Dice Crawl. The project will run a Kickstarter campaign from Dec 3rd, 2013 through January 2nd, 2014.

Portland, OR, December 10, 2013 --( SoulJAR Games is pleased to announce the start of a Kickstarter fund raising campaign in support of Dice Crawl, a fast, fun, dice-heavy board game about everyone's favorite sport -- dungeon crawling.

Two to four players take on the role of a mercenary captain leading his team into a dungeon to claim the prize at its center. Players roll handfuls of dice to seize parts of the dungeon, represented by 25 randomly selected tiles.

With 48 dungeon tiles from which to choose, Dice Crawl features tremendous replay value. Game play can take as little at ten minutes.

Abstract game mechanics mix with flavorful graphics and theme to make dice crawl a fast, highly replayable game of luck and strategy.

Dice Crawl will be published in February 2014 and looks to be the first product in a long line for SoulJar Games.
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