The qMetrix Group Announces Hotel Room Inspection App, RoomChecker

The RoomChecker mobile app can be used to complete hotel room inspections electronically. The data is then saved and available for issue and trend reporting. Automatica notifications are sent when issues are submitted on the app.

Cedar Rapids, IA, December 10, 2013 --( The qMetrix Group is pleased to announce the release of the new RoomChecker™ app for hotel room inspections. qMetrix provides applications to assist with quality improvement by simplifying data collection and providing performance reporting. RoomChecker™ has been built on their innovative architecture designed six years ago for healthcare.

RoomChecker™ combines both mobile and web-based applications to provide comprehensive data collection and analysis. The mobile app has been designed for use with the iPhone™ and iPads™. Hotel managers and inspectors can inspect rooms without mounds of paperwork. Cleaning and maintenance issues are recorded immediately and notifications are automatically sent to the appropriate personnel. Issues can be resolved before they become a guest complaint.

Reports are available to assist with management of rooms and staff. These reports help pinpoint root causes and trends that can be addressed to reduce future complaints. “The goal is to improve the guest’s stay through our simplified process of inspecting, reporting and tracking issues,” comments Principal and CEO Willis Sneller. “We chose the iPhone™ app for our launch to offer accessibility to our customers.” The app can easily be downloaded from the App Store, so within just a few minutes a hotel can be using the app to inspect rooms.

RoomChecker™ offers extensive reports to the hotels with complete drill-down capability. The app can support 10 rooms or 1000 rooms with ease. Room numbers are customizable based on the needs of the specific hotel. A quick 90 second video gives a glimpse of the app and its capabilities. The video can be found on the qMetrix website.

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The qMetrix Group specializes in developing quality improvement applications to perform inspections and report results. qMetrix supports applications for Healthcare, Hospitality and Transportation. These applications are available on multiple platforms including PCs, Macs, smartphones, iPads™, and iPhones™. qMetrix provides customized versions of these applications for corporate accounts. For more information please visit or contact qMetrix.
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RoomChecker Mobile App Press Release

RoomChecker Mobile App Press Release

qMetrix is pleased to announce the launch of their mobile app, RoomChecker. The app is available for free on Apple's App Store. Simplify and streamline the hotel room inspection process.