ProofHub, the 2nd Best Project Management Tool Now Allows Users to View All Projects Calendar

In its latest updates, ProofHub announced the ability to view all tasks and milestones from every active project in one single calendar.

Clifton, NJ, December 12, 2013 --( Keeping track of all that’s going on and is supposed to happen within an active project is quite essential. Without timely and accurate information on upcoming tasks, work may take longer than planned and projects can go off track. While doing project planning for several active projects at one go, it becomes quintessential to know what all is supposed to be done during the present or following days, so that one can plan his or her entire day as per that and also keep an eye of what progress have others made. Knowing that, ProofHub has come up with the latest feature to view all projects in one single ProofHub calendar.

This new feature is a step towards bringing simplicity and agility to end users for better project planning and delivery. As a lot many people plan their day by having a look at all their deliverables in their project calendar, this feature will make things easier for them by letting them view the assigned tasks and milestones across all active projects. With a few easy steps to follow, users can better keep a track of tasks and upcoming milestones, which in the end helps in boosting their productivity.

In the absence of this feature, users had to individually review each project so as to find out the assigned tasks and milestones that need to be executed on the present day or in the days to come. But now, with the ability to view everything in one single calendar, they can make task completion an easier task. The user has to simply go on “All Projects” and in the overview they’ll get to see all the aligned tasks and milestones that are to be completed during any given day.

“We always wanted to render simplicity and ease to our users. After bringing a lot many time-savvy features in the past, we have now come up with this effort-savvy feature that for sure would leave our users happy and more organized. With just one click they can easily view all tasks and milestones in every project on any given date,” commented team ProofHub on the launch.

About ProofHub:

ProofHub is a web-based project management system that facilitates better management over a project by making it more structured, organized and coordinated. The projects can be executed faster with proper utilization of allocated resources. The tasks can be better distributed, allocated, scheduled, executed, tracked and controlled through use of this tool. It enables easy and spontaneous communication and collaboration amongst team members who may be based in different parts of the world and thus they can resolve important project matters quickly. A project gets finished on time and an organization is able to achieve its key objectives. This helps it to win over new clients and customers and which leads to its growth and prosperity.
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