Chicago and Los Angeles Based TV Pilot “The Declassified Series” Soon to Release Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign and Teaser/Trailer #2

Kickster Productions scheduled to launch a crowd fundraising campaign on along with a second trailer of a ten series and a behind the scenes documentary on the making of Declassified.

Chicago, IL, December 12, 2013 --( ​​The Declassified Series, an action packed, suspenseful, and mind bending psychological thriller TV series mock​s reality TV and leaves the audience in tears and joy with a dramatic and heartfelt comeback storyline.

This​ grassroots,​ SAG-AFTRA web series converted into a TV series is produced and directed by Eric Abud ​of ​Kickster Productions.​​ Filming ​in various locations throughout Chicago and L.A., The Declassified Series ​has a high production value and heavy hitting cast. ​

​Kickster Productions scheduled to launch a crowd fundraising campaign on​ along with a second trailer​ ​of a ten ​series and a behind the scenes documentary on the making of Declassified. ​ ​This production truly defines the grassroots story funding themselves as a web series into a TV series now with private investors and negotiations opened with national distribution streaming networks like Netflix. A public release and screening party are set to take place at the infamous Chicago Theatre, and has over four hundred attendees confirmed already.

The series centers on a lucid love story, six roommates living ​together in Chicago’s Gold Coast that become obsessed with becoming famous and living their reality of the American dream. Little be told as their stories unravel, these personalities become the center of the very storyline they seek out. Tie this in with a psychological bone chilling storyline and a love lost theme and you have The Declassified Series.

Cast members:​ ​​Erin Breen (Rose White),​ ​Shannon Brown (Windy), Molly Pan (Chicago PD), Heather Dorff (Filming 'Round Midtown), Eric Abud (Doubt), Lindsay Rathert (Crossroads),​​ ​​​Jax Turnya (Roundabout​ ​American), and Jordan Miczek (Divergent).

“Declassified takes reality TV and the cliché love story and turns it on its head,​" ​​says writer, producer, and director, Eric Abud. Our goal is to create a picture no one has ever seen before, and have our audience directly relate to our characters while gripping the edge of their seats in a suspenseful roller-coaster ride of emotions.​ We’re focused on delivering a fresh product to the American beloved entertainment industry while sending a social message along with it. Having such a brilliant cast to work with, it makes portraying the story a surreal joyride that has no end in sight.

About Declassified
The Declassified Series started off as a SAG-AFTRA new media pro​duction and was converted into a TV series with a film ​as its pilot episode. The storyline has a mockumentary of reality TV, combined with a romantic drama base with a psychological thriller twist. The motion picture is portrayed through confessionals, interviews, and a high cinematic style of filmmaking. ​​It mocks the reality ​TV industry as a whole, while connecting the young and old and urban and suburban audience. ​Declassified is a self-funded, has private investors, and is about to launch a massive crowd fundraising​ campaign.

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