Now Available - Retail Realm and Shift4 Corporation’s New Payment Interface Between Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail and DOLLARS ON THE NET®

Retail Realm’s partnership with Shift4 provides Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail users with a major reduction in PCI scope – saving them time and money.

Napa, CA, December 12, 2013 --( Earlier this year, Retail Realm and Shift4 Corporation announced they were going into partnership to expand and maximize payment processing solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail. The agreement saw Retail Realm’s development team begin work on an integration between the ‘Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail’ solution and Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET®, which is now complete and ready for roll out.

“The Retail Realm–Shift4 Interface addresses nearly all of the payments pain points that retailers face today,” said Shift4’s Director of Strategic Business Development Daniel Montellano. “Not only does it provide support for omni-channel transactions, but these omni-channel technologies are so secure that they almost make PCI irrelevant. We’re seeing major scope reductions for merchants who implement the full solution.”

The Retail Realm–Shift4 Interface includes the following functionality:

- TrueTokenization® (Shift4’s original, famed, proprietary tokenization solution that addresses the vulnerability issues associated with the long-term storage of cardholder data by merchants, by shifting the burden of storage and protection of such data away from the merchant to the payment gateway)

- 4Go® – the driver-based firewall that runs on a merchant's Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal, intercepting cardholder data (CHD) as soon as it is swiped – i.e. before it ever enters the POS - – replacing it with either false cardholder data or a TrueToken®. CHD vulnerability is eliminated as it travels over networks or is stored in local log files. The actual CHD is sent to one of Shift4's PCI-compliant data centers for storage while the TrueToken is used to complete the transaction

- Connectivity to all major banks/credit card processors in North America and the Caribbean

- Reduced transaction fees

- P2PE (Point-to-Point Encryption)

- Secure data transmission over wireless devices

- Signature capture devices

- Chip and PIN (EMV) support

- Offline capabilities

“Retail Realm’s bridge to DOLLARS ON THE NET adds real value to the Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail solution,” said Rachel Smith, Retail Realm’s Director of Sales for North America. “It provides Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail users with a comprehensive and powerful enterprise-wide payment processing solution that operates at both the back office and the POS. And developers will be happy to know that we are planning to release the SDK.”

The new Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail / DOLLARS ON THE NET interface supports every major merchant type, from retail stores to hotels, restaurants, rental cars, ticketing, mail order/telephone order, e-commerce and more, enabling users to have a real-time payment gateway between Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail and all major processors while capitalizing on the high-speed connectivity, centralized control, lower cost, Application Service Provider (ASP) delivery, and neutrality it affords. Add to this the peace of mind and confidence of knowing that all transactions and customer payment data are secure and the Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail / DOLLARS ON THE NET interface is a recipe for success.

The finished interface will be on display at Retail Realm’s annual ‘Microsoft Dynamics Retail Technology’ conference at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas (April 24-26, 2014) and will provide the perfect opportunity to introduce the interface’s capabilities to the assembled members of Retail Realm’s extensive reseller network and to the members of Retail Realm’s rapidly expanding “AX Alliance.”

For further information please contact Retail Realm at +1 (707) 996-5400

About Shift4: Shift4 Corporation makes it simple for merchants across all industries to securely process credit, debit, and gift card transactions. With connections to nearly every bank and processor in North America and integrations to hundreds of PMS/POS systems, Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET® is the world’s largest independent payment gateway. Shift4 provides pre and post-settlement auditing capabilities, fraud prevention tools, support for emerging technologies like EMV and mobile payments, and security solutions such as TrueTokenization® and P2PE, which drastically simplify PCI compliance – all for just pennies per transaction. Shift4 is a proud merchant advocate, maintaining complete bank and processor neutrality to ensure that their customers have the freedom to switch banks and processors as needed.

About Retail Realm: For almost two decades multinational company, Retail Realm has specialized in creating and managing a portfolio of vertical business software solutions that are marketed worldwide through a community of resellers. Retail Realm is a leading distributor of Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) and Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail. The company has also adopted additional add-ons and stand-alone products developed by leading companies that enhance or integrate with RMS and/or Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail.

In 2012, Retail Realm formed the AX Alliance: A global professional consortium of retail experts, consisting of Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail POS partners, ISVs, academic institutions, and industry related associated members. The goal: To provide a platform whereby AX Alliance members combine their unique areas of expertise and experience to work collaboratively on the types of contracts that no single company could tackle on its own.
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