Scalada Holdings to Launch Pilot-Scale Study

Singapore’s Scalada Holdings to demonstrate viability of its patented water treatment technology at site of leading exploration and production company.

Singapore, Singapore, December 13, 2013 --( Manly Logan, Chief Executive Officer of Singapore based sustainable solutions group, Scalada Holdings, Ltd., announced today that the company plans to begin a four-month pilot-scale study at the North American oilfield site of a leading US based oil and gas exploration and production company. The study will establish the suitability of Scalada Holdings’ Elemental Ionisation System (EIS) to treating wastewaters on a small, field-based scale.

“As the exact composition and chemistry of produced waters is dependent largely on the site and geological formation from which it is produced, pilot-scale studies are an invaluable part of determining whether or not a water treatment system is a good fit with a particular site or situation,” said Mr. Logan.

Successful completion of the pilot-scale study will establish that Scalada’s EIS treatment technology produces treated water that meets or exceeds state and federal regulatory standards, and could culminate in a design-build-operate contract. Under such an agreement, Scalada Holdings would be commissioned to design build and operate a sizeable water treatment facility.

“As the world’s water sources dwindle and environmental regulations become more stringent, Scalada Holdings are committed to offering the technology and expertise owners and operators require to properly manage and dispose of produced contaminated water, thereby reducing their reliance on fresh water resources. This pilot scale study will use our world-class technology to treat wastewater to generate high quality water. We at Scalada Holdings look forward to building a partnership that will create societal and environmental benefits that both parties can be proud of,” concluded Mr. Logan.

About Scalada Holdings, Ltd.:
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