SoulTic Magazine Has Done It Again - Another Great Volume!

Lawrence Long Jr. SoulTic Magazine’s CEO is pleased to announce the release of SoulTic Magazine Volume 5.

Winston-Salem, NC, December 13, 2013 --( Lawrence Long Jr. SoulTic Magazine's CEO is pleased to announce the release of SoulTic Magazine Volume 5. SoulTic Magazine was created after seeing the need for people of color and of culture to better understand current events and International events that effect critical thinking in our political, economical, and social lives.

In this volume take a walk through history as SoulTic Magazine remembers the life of Benjamin Banneker the master mathematician who helped shape America. Also touch up on some Black History Facts that you may not know.

Read up on Floyd Mayweather Jr. the undefeated and widely recognized number one pound for pound boxer in the world. Get up close and personal with Nicki Minaj, one of the hottest female rappers / rapper in the game.

Mr. Robert W Lee Inspiration of art Augusta, GA 2000-to Present day. Meet an artist who is having a positive effect on the community and changing lives all over the globe through his art and ministry. View the work of the World's Most Famous 3D leather artist Terrence T. Hill. See T. Hills' latest masterpiece titled from Chains to Change. This one of a kind masterpiece depicts the Journey from slavery to the White House. Hear what Terrence Hill and his wife Nicole Hill say about how they keep things in the right perspective.

Follow along as SoulTic Magazine pays homage to U.S. Representative Congressman John Lewis. Born the son of a sharecropper see how this American Politician overcame a segregated past to a seat in the White House.

Trickle down bankruptcy or all fair play? See how many big corporations and banks are looked upon not so favorable by the middle class and poor. A more perfect union or have the covers of racism been completely pulled off by having an African American president in office? Read more about this topic in the cover story.

Also in this Volume, get a lesson in the funk while meeting the funk trinity. Tony Wilson aka the young James Brown, Bootsie Collons & Lil'Gibbor, the past, present and the future of the funk.

Please don't stop the music! SoulTic Staff writer express there concern about the number of our youth today wanting to become rappers instead of musicians, Also the lack of qualified music teachers in the country.

Read up on how learning a musical instrument has a way of making a person / individual use a certain part of the brain that they may not otherwise use.

Brush up on your African American Music History as SoulTic Magazine's Editorial Board list a few of Americas great musical minds and musicians. People like Duke Ellington, Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, Louie Armstrong, Miles Davis, B.B. King Prince, Aretha Franklin and a host of others.

Find out if you are overly acidic in the magazine's health & wellness segment.

For centuries, Jamaica has welcomed settlers from all around the world. This small island has played host to the American Indians who discovered it, to Europeans who fought to own it and to Africans forced to call it home.

So get your suite cases out wipe them down and get ready to travel along with SoulTic Magazine to the beautiful island of Jamaica.

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