Daniel Levine: Novelty Foods Are Trending

The trends expert suggests food fads are part of a powerful trend.

New York, NY, December 14, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Daniel Levine, the noted keynote speaker and trends expert is reporting a major trend in unique food items. In the past year, the market has been flooded with a big variety of previously unheard of food offerings.

“I’ve seen a number of food fads this year,” says Levine. “While certain foods will always be popular, the influence of the internet and social media is making ordinary fads into something much more attention grabbing. And that’s causing these fads to explode.”

In 2013 alone, food fads have gone in several directions. There have been novelties like the half-croissant, half-doughnut cronut and its variants, like the crookie. There has been huge demand for unique greens, such as kale, ramps, and garlic scrapes. Traditional foods have been reinvented and repurposed. This includes the pretzel, which has been reformulated into a savory sandwich roll. And the bacon craze seems to have finally come to an end, but a recent line of products suggests fried chicken may soon be rising to take bacon’s place.

Levine is suggesting these food fads are a trend all of their own.

“There is a powerful group of consumers who are always seeking something newer, healthier, and tastier,” says Levine. “These food fads are driven by intrigued eaters who have the financial means to branch out and try something new. As long as there is interest in creative and unique food, this trend will continue as an endless series of fads.”

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