Top 40 College Majors

College Majors 101, a website for students, created a list of the Top 40 Majors that students going to college have a real interest in studying.

West Palm Beach, FL, December 14, 2013 --( College Majors 101 recently compiled a list of the Top 40 Majors that appeal to students. CM101 is a unique website that high school students and guidance professionals use to learn about majors from the ground up. Each major has its own channel on CM101. The list was based on raw traffic, and becomes a very telling indicator of what subjects students will seek to major in while in College or University. They reflect the growing trend of students who clearly understand the need to major in a subject that offers a good chance of post graduate employment.

1) Sport Management
2) Athletic Training
3) Video Game Design
4) Pharmacy
5) Graphic Design
6) Business
7) Pre-Medical
8) Music
9) Biology
10) Interior Design
11) Nursing
12) Industrial Design
13) Computer Science
14) Parks and Rec Mgmt
15) Social Science
16) Film Studies
17) Education
18) Food Science
19) Architecture
20) Allied Health
21) English/Writing
22) Mechanical Engineering
23) Engineering General
24) Enviro Sci
25) BioMedical Eng
26) Pre-Dental
27) Urban Planning
28) Philosophy
29) Civil Eng
30) Chemistry
31) Journalism
32) Political Sci
33) Marine Science
34) Dance
35) Aerospace Eng
36) Electrical Eng
37) Language
38) Construction Mgmt
39) Mathematics
40) Fashion/ Apparel
College Majors 101
Andrew Leidner