Virtual Rock Star Signs Real Record Deal

Seth Regan a.k.a. "Mankind Tracer," popular live performer in Virtual Worlds, gets a real life record deal.

San Diego, CA, December 14, 2013 --( Virtual Worlds have become something of a phenomenon over the past decade, the most popular being Second Life, founded in 2003 by Linden Lab, now with a reported 10+ million registered users globally. Within Second Life (SL), there is a thriving and vibrant independent music community, with now hundreds of live performers taking to the virtual stages to perform live shows from their home or studio. Seth Regan is one such independent "unsigned" artist… and that's about to change for him.

Seth had toured professionally with various projects for over 20 years. In 2006, Seth discovered SL while browsing the web. He created his account and his avatar, "Mankind Tracer," and found there were DJ's spinning their tunes at virtual clubs. Seth found that he could also send a live performance into SL. As Mankind Tracer, Seth quickly rose to stardom in SL, packing the virtual clubs and venues at every show. He still retains that status today with his name and brand considered to be the most widely recognized among live performers. He has become a real Rock Star of Virtual Worlds.

During his long standing SL and "virtual" music career, Seth has won numerous awards such as "Best Live Performer," the "Listener's Choice Award," among others. He has pioneered what has become commonplace today in SL such as performing live on video stream, even the "feel" and protocol of many live SL performances are based on what Seth created early on in SL. He is also the artist which Linden Lab repeatedly tags to headline their major events.

Seth's popularity had recently caught the attention of Premier Records CEO Laura Patterson. With this very unique niche Seth carved out for himself and the incredible popularity, stardom even, that Seth has managed to create and retain as an independent artist among the millions of SL users around the world, Laura quickly recognized Seth's obvious success and penned a contract to sign Seth to a worldwide Record Deal.

Seth is also a business owner and CEO of his own companies. To not only compete but to succeed as he has, it is clear that one must understand the business side of their music career and what it takes to achieve his level of success in a very competitive market. With his strong marketing and business background and his knowledge and implementation of current technologies, it's obvious that Mr. Regan has the knowledge and skills. He has certainly taken the bull by the horns and used it all to his advantage. It seems his hard work, dedication to his fans and of course his SL fame has all paid off.

Besides his regular live SL shows, Seth has performed for countless charities and fundraisers over the in SL over the years including performing live shows for Parkinsons, Wounded Warriors, The American Cancer Society and many more. He also holds the record for the largest ever Second Life event with his annual "Peace Love & Belief Concerts," his 5th being held at 62 simultaneous SL locations. Seth has self released 4 independent albums and has even released them as SL CD's for the SL community to enjoy. His full catalog will be signed to Premier Records for worldwide distribution, including "Beyond the Shade," "Depth of Shadows," Underground," "From There to Now - The Best of Seth Regan" and his upcoming "Left of Center" album.

This is definitely a first and it seems that a big door has been opened for virtual Rock Star "Mankind Tracer."

Find Seth Regan a.k.a. Mankind Tracer across the web. You can also catch Seth performing live on video right on his Facebook fan page or his website as he streams his live shows.

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