Parents, Grandparents Turn to Video Games

New book uses modern fables to encourage deeper interaction between generations

Eugene, OR, September 23, 2007 --( In an effort to connect with their children and grandchildren, surprising numbers of parents and grandparents are resorting to video games, according to a June 2007 poll. Around the same time, author John C. Morgan, himself a father and a teacher, wrote a book to promote opportunities for older generations to share their wisdom with younger ones.

Morgan’s book, "A Little Wisdom for Growing Up: From Father to Son," was released a month after the international survey was conducted. The survey showed an estimated 50 million adults play video games to “bond with or better relate to” their children or grandchildren. Morgan says his book fills the same kind of need, but in a more personal and interactive way.

"A Little Wisdom for Growing Up" uses an ancient form of storytelling—the style of Aesop’s fables—to reflect the natural world in which children live, teaching them to be attentive to what is around them every day, but also to begin reflecting on what their surroundings mean. Morgan hopes parents and grandparents will use this book to enrich their time with their children and grandchildren with opportunities to pass on their life-learned wisdom.

Blinda Baxter, an Ohio elementary school librarian, says the book “facilitates discussion of human behavior” on a broad scale because it includes “animal fables short enough for the youngest child’s attention span on the one level, but [is] philosophical enough for the much older student and adult.” She plans to use the book in her upcoming unit on folk tales and fairy tales that she teaches to second graders.

Morgan hopes the book will prove useful in classroom and personal settings, and has even used the book to provoke discussion in his college ethics and philosophy classes. “Wisdom is best shared through the use of stories because people can identify with the fables and reach their own conclusions,” Morgan added.

"A Little Wisdom for Growing Up" is published by Resource Publications, an imprint of Wipf and Stock Publishers in Eugene, Oregon. For more details, or to order directly from the publisher, visit The book will be available from bookstores and online booksellers in four to six weeks.


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