Harper Collins Books Now Available Through Findable

World's leading publisher joins hands with India's leading local shopping site, offers their total collection of books and targets the user base of Findable.

New Delhi, India, December 16, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Harper Collins, one of the biggest the publishers of fictional and non-fictional books in India as well as the world, has agreed to list its products on Findable, the local shopping facilitator who has taken the Indian market by storm. With this addition, Findable now has an enviable list of books for reading on their site.

The news was shared by Findable and Anirudh Suri, the owner of Findable, said, “We are not only happy but also are honoured to work with Harper Collins as they are one of the biggest publishers of books all over the world. People love to read their books as the books are knowledgeable, informative and well edited. Moreover, these books are printed on high quality papers and also come with beautiful binding which make these books ideal as presents as well. I thank the Harper Collins authority to agree to display their products on our site and I thank our marketing strategy team who has worked relentlessly to make this happen.”

“I am glad that now our book loving users will not have to look here and there to find their favourite titles from Harper Collins. We are offering every details of these books' availability, as usual.”

Harper Collins books are really popular in India, especially with the readers of English books. Harper Collins also has Indian language divisions of its own and has partnered with different publishers of regional language books to publish books in regional languages in India. The books are available under different category though recently Harper Collins has displayed a knack of bringing out several spiritual books. These books are all written by scholars and researchers and are efficiently edited. Moreover, Harper Collins has spent effort in translating rare and archaic books into English for international readership which is also becoming popular.

Although Harper Collins has many book stores of its own and distributes to innumerable retailers all over the country, adding Findable will prove beneficial to them as Findable has a large user base who visit Findable to search for almost everything they need. Additionally, Harper Collins books can also be purchased as e-books from their own sites.

Findable is a very unique site which helps users to find any product in their local area by giving out sellers address, contact details, driving direction and distance from the user looking for the product. It also helps the users to know of different prices these sellers are offering and thus the users can make an informed choice without purchasing it online.
Rahul Setti