Moji Fengyun Software Launched Its New Version of MoWeather

MoWeather 2.0 is the new version of a popular weather app. This innovative weather app added a social networking function to its latest version, which enables people to share photos with others around the world. The new function could be seen as a major revolution for all tool apps, which intend to provide more social functions for their app users.

Chaoyang, Beijing, China, December 19, 2013 --( Social media has exploded dramatically in the past several years and it is changing the way people interact with each other. Facebook and Twitter have millions of users around the world and people are using these social networks more often than before. MoWeather 2.0 embraced the mainstream of social media and added the pic sharing function to its new app.

The highly anticipated latest version of MoWeather could be seen as a big success for all tool apps makers. The newly introduced on-the-spot weather forecast function not only allows users to check the weather condition in any place of the world, but they can also browse the real time pictures that people upload on that place. Combined with 15 day weather forecast, people could better plan their travel to any places around the world.

The advantage of this newly added function is noticeable. Planning itineraries for business and holidays are much easier. With the actual time picture of any places in the world, people can even feel the place where they are headed in advance. In addition, like other social networks, users can also upload photos to this app so that all the users around the world could see these photos. Moreover, people could choose from these pictures and pick the best pictures they believe and share with more people. As a result, an increasing number of participants take part in these activities will not only make this app popular, but also contribute to the accuracy of the real time weather database.

As Li Jin, CEO of MoWeather said: "The high involvement of actual time pic sharing function already resulted in more than 100,000 photos upload to MoWeather platform daily in Chinese market." And he believed that "with the increasing number of new users overseas, more and more pictures will be shared around the world, which will make this app more attractive."

Currently, MoWeather is compatible with all major operating systems, including IOS, Android and Window phone. The first version of MoWeather has already proved its success not only in the Chinese market, but also in other major markets. With the rapid increasing of new users around the globe, MoWeather 2.0 will help the company pave the way to a new level.
Moji Fengyun Software Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Kenny Woo